INTENSIVE HIGHLIGHTING – One of our mainstays as a colorist, yet one of the most difficult to master. While observing hairlines, growth patterns, texture and density, you will choose between various foil patterns that will take your highlighting applications to the next level. Learn how to create highlights that will enhance any haircut.

BALAYAGE – Literally meaning “to sweep” this class will focus on the surface highlighting technique introduced by the French & popularized by stars around the world. Whether it be for bold accent pieces, or a subtle “sun-kissed” look, learn to use this technique as an alternative to conventional foil work.

CREATIVE COLOR – When a client wants something new or creative do you get nervous? Are you feeling a little bored or uninspired behind the chair? Well then, this class is for you! We will be examining creative techniques, color choice combinations, placement and sectioning patterns that will open your mind to all the possibilities you have as a colorist.

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