CLASSIC CUTTING – Understanding the how, why & when of haircutting. We will break down foundational techniques & shapes, while considering head shape, suitability & length choice. Deconstructing the art of hair will make it more understandable and most importantly, keep you confident and consistent. A class suitable for the beginner or the experienced stylist.

CREATIVE CUTTING – Step outside the box & get inspired! Push classic techniques to their limits and explore creative sectioning patterns and disconnection. Learn how to stay excited & creative behind the chair.

SHORT HAIR – Creating a flattering head shape & maintaining femininity with women’s short hair are constant challenges. Learn the tricks, techniques & finishing details that make short shapes come alive, whether executed classically or with a modern, avant-garde approach.

BOBS – A timeless classic & salon staple. The aesthetic of the shape will be explored, along with common pitfalls; balance, transitions behind the ear, layering while maintaining an outline, proportions etc. Learn everything from how to tackle building volume on fine hair to using disconnection to collapse and give movement to dense hair. From classic to asymmetric, from dramatic A-line to a strong fringe…this class covers it all.

LONG HAIR – As stylists, the long layer is our bread & butter. It is also one of the most trying to reinvent. This class will introduce you to principles of disconnection & creating shape that will be sure to excite your clients & reinspire your love for long hair.

CURLY – One of the most beautiful yet misunderstood textures of hair to work with. Would you like to truly understand three-dimensional thinking? Anticipate where hair will ‘live’ once weight is removed. Make your clients fall in love with their natural texture again! This class breaks down the art & science of working in the medium of curly hair.

MEN – Men are leaving the barber shop & coming into the salon more & more. Are you up to the challenge? Whether clippers are your fear, you find scissor over comb frustrating, or perhaps you just find it difficult to maintain a male clientele…this class has the answers.

RAZOR – An amazing tool to blend hair seamlessly, or create a heavily textured aesthetic. Learn the body mechanics that will allow you the freedom to utilize your chosen technique & the blade control that will allow you to create solid, classic shapes or textured, modern looks.

DRY CUTTING – What transforms a good haircut into a great one? What makes your work different from any other’s? It’s the finishing work after it’s been dried. Explore detailing around the face, perfecting lines, & texturizing.

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